• Philosophy & History

    Our values and how everything came about.

Our philosophy

We want you to remember us with a smile!!!

Whether for a short or longer period, for meetings, relaxation and enjoyment, we look forward to being your temporary home and creating an unforgettable time for you. The Nassau-Oranien team is there for you.

We create a creative and stimulating working environment for conferences and seminars by providing an individual setting, for example with relaxation and activity breaks, which enables you to work effectively and efficiently. Our experience and professional conference support leave you room for the essentials.

Come to Sensis - start dreaming. In our beauty and wellness oasis of the senses, warmth, well-being and courtesy are palpable and open your senses to pure enjoyment of life. Enjoy time for yourself - come to yourself!

For us, wellness is a philosophy of life - the path to a balance of body, mind and soul on which we can accompany you.

Your satisfaction is our challenge - we would like to see you again!

Our history

At the heart of the Ringhotel NASSAU-ORANIEN in Hadamar are two half-timbered houses built in 1690. Today, both half-timbered houses are listed buildings and are part of the picturesque historic town center of Hadamar, which has thus earned itself a permanent place on the German Half-Timbered Road in the Westerwald.

The historic hotel owes its name to its builder, a Nassau-Oranian councillor named Molitor. In the former princely town of Hadamar, the ensemble of half-timbered houses was initially called the "Nassauer Hof" hotel.

Since then, the building has had a varied history and use: From 1862 to 1895, the hotel also housed Hadamar's post office and in 1869 the Hadamar volunteer fire department was founded here.

The "Nassauer Hof" received distinguished visitors including Duke Adolf, who spent the night at the "Nassauer Hof" hotel in 1875.

The cinema era of the former hotel began in 1929 - with the silent film "Secrets of the Orient"...

Once again used as a hotel and under the new name Hotel NASSAU-ORANIEN, the two restaurants "Grand Mère" and "Gud Stubb" were housed in the historic part.

The magnificent baroque restaurant door, which was designed between 1690 and 1708 by the famous sculptor Johann Neudecker from Hadamar, deserves a special mention.