• Our massages

    Relaxation for mind, body & soul.

We understand massage as a soothing and attentive touch of the human being. Despite the many different types of massage in different cultures, massages have a common goal: mental and physical relaxation and cleansing towards a unity of body, mind and soul.

  • Aroma massages

    Experience soothing relaxation with aromas of your choice.

    Our massage times include a rest and application time.

    Aroma partial massage, back/neck or leg massage 25 min. 39€
    Head, neck and face massage 25 min. 39€
    Foot/leg massage 25 min. 39€
    Full body massage 60 min. 79€
    Full body massage incl. Head & face massage 75 min. 90€
  • Relax intense- Back

    Intensive back treatment with massage and a relaxing heat pack.

    Duration 40 minutes € 55,-

  • Shi-Tao - Asian massage art

    The gentle pressure point massage with warm lava stones along the energy channels leads to complete relaxation and gives a feeling of harmony.

    25 min. 45,- Euro

    60 min. 95,- Euro

    * The massage times include a rest and application time.

  • Cupping massage

    Back massage with negative pressure. It stimulates the circulation, relaxes the muscles and helps to eliminate harmful substances.

    25 min. 39,-€

  • Pantai Luar

    The ancient Indonesian massage technique with herbal stamps of herbs such as sage, woodruff, marigold, peppermint, rosemary, juniper and thyme. The stamps warmed in hot herbal oil massage your body; the massage relaxes, warms and loosens the muscles intensively.

    If you simply want to relax, then immerse yourself in this Asian wonderland of massage.

    Pantai Luar massage of the whole body 60 min. * 119€
    Pantai Luar massage of the back, neck and legs 30 min. * 69€

    *The massage includes a rest and application time. We recommend only lightly dabbing off the oils after treatment. Please take this into account when choosing your clothing. Due to the fruit acids it contains, sunbathing and saunas must be avoided after the treatment.