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Beauty is the glow of the soul

Our team at Sensis in Hadamar relies on sound cosmetic training for your well-being. We are passionate about relaxation and beauty. The professional service ensures a relaxing atmosphere at Sensis. All cosmetic treatments offered are carried out by trained beauticians and each service is individually tailored to your wishes beforehand. Our cosmetic brands have all been selected with care and a great deal of experience. We work with LaMer natural cosmeticsand with BABOR - the German cosmetics brand with more than 50 years of experience as a synonym for exclusive cosmetic and wellness products, outstanding product quality and professional treatment systems.

  • Treatments with BABOR or La Mer

    Innovative high-tech cosmetics in harmony with nature With a wealth of experience spanning more than 50 years, BABOR is synonymous with exclusive cosmetic and wellness products, outstanding product quality and professional treatment systems. Intensive research work in our own laboratory guarantees innovative cosmetics of the highest quality and effectiveness. Nature is refined and processed under scientific aspects to make it more effective and particularly kind to the skin. Product development is carried out in strict compliance with the protection of plant species and without animal testing.

    La mer Cosmetics AG is a medium-sized, northern German company that develops and manufactures exclusive, particularly well-tolerated skin care products.

    Sea silt is not only one of the purest natural products on earth, but - as an active ingredient in cosmetics - a true miracle cure for the care of various skin needs. La mer Cosmetics AG uses precious ingredients from sea silt - oxygen, healing earth, trace elements, sulphur, valuable minerals, amino acids and sea salt containing calcium and magnesium - in eleven different skincare ranges. La mer is the only company authorized to extract sea silt from the Wadden Sea in Lower Saxony. The sea silt extract obtained in the company's own laboratory forms the basis of the unique La mer skin care products, which are produced at the company headquarters in Cuxhaven true to the company motto "The origin of beauty" with the highest standards of quality and compatibility.

    Facial treatment pick-me-up - 35 min.
    Cleansing, peeling, ampoule crash treatment with up to 5 ampoules and a pleasant massage

    Duration 35 minutes
    Price 49,00 €

    Clean Up - pure deep cleansing - 45 min. Cleansing, peeling, hot compresses, manual deep cleansing, mask and day care.

    Duration 45 minutes
    Price 55,00 €

    Teen treatment for pupils - cleansing treatment

    Duration 30 minutes
    Price 29,00 €

    Dreaming - the 60-minute care treatment Enjoy a nourishing time-out for your skin. Incl. Consultation, cleansing, peeling, ampoule, care mask, massage, eye and finishing care.

    Duration 50 min.
    Price 65€

    Vitalis - complete program for skin in balance - 75 min. Incl. Consultation, cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, manual deep cleansing, ampoule, care mask, massage, final care.

    Duration 75 minutes
    Price 85,00 €

    Energy - power and vitality for HIS face

    Relaxes and soothes stressed male skin. Massage, cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, fleece mask, active ingredient concentrate.

    Duration 50 minutes
    Price 65,00 €

    Lifting treatment with ultrasound

    The skin is firmed from the inside out, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and plumped up. Ultrasound allows the active ingredients to penetrate the finest layers of the skin.

    Cleansing, enzyme peeling, ultrasound, active ingredient booster concentrate, after consultation: collagen fleece mask, final care.

    • Duration 60 minutes
      Price 80,00 €
  • Man PUR


    Relaxes and soothes men's skin stressed by shaving.

    50 min. 59€

    Pure luxury

    The facial treatment for a comfortable skin feeling with back massage.

    90 min. 89€

MEDICAL Beauty in Sensis

Nowadays, cosmetic devices can achieve true miracles: microdermabrasion, micro needling and ultrasound are three procedures that, together with the Doctor Babor products tailored to them, offer precise solutions for your beauty needs for skin renewal, scars, pigmentation and age spots, skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing.




The idea behind cosmetic micro needling: active ingredients are applied where they can best develop. Micro-needling is a gentle, non-invasive anti-ageing treatment. The microscopically precise stamp injects hyalorone into the skin at a rate of 150 pulses per second. Selected active ingredients achieve the best possible results. At the same time, skin functions are activated and skin regeneration is supported.

Beautiful little things

  • The beautiful little things in facial treatment - tinting, depilation & co

    Eyebrow tinting 10€
    Eyelash tinting 16€
    Facial depilation from 12€
  • Pick-me-up - immediately visible care highlights

    Ampoules - individually tailored to your skin type 8-10€
    Enzyme peeling 12€
    Collagen fleece 15€
    Eye fluid, mask and care 15€
  • Eyelash curl

    The eyelash curler ensures the perfect eye look, including eyelash tinting 60€

  • Gentle hair removal

    We use warm wax to remove hairs gently and thoroughly:


    from 12€

    Upper lip & chin

    from 20€


    from 25€

    Legs to knee


    Legs complete


    Back, chest or stomach