• Events and supporting program

Activities in the house

Culinary events as a supporting program are a must at the Hotel NASSAU-ORANIEN: a wine tasting in the Fürstenkeller, a tasting of culinary highlights or a culinary theme evening according to your specifications. Below you will find a small selection of possible gastronomic events, we will also be happy to put together a culinary evening to suit your taste for your supporting program!

To the conference request

  • Cheese - Brand evening

    Guests are presented with the finest cheeses from Europe and the finest brandies from the Westerwald distillery. On the one hand, the aim is to let the brandy and cheese work their magic and then experience the symbiosis of the two on the palate. Which components are strengthened, which are softened. What is more in the foreground? Does the brandy underline the cheese or does the cheese underline the brandy? Ms. Sonja Kirschbaum, a true cheese expert from Betzdorf, and Ms. Steffi Klöckner from the Birkenhof distillery will guide you through the world of fine distillates. You will learn about the individual cheeses and brandies, how they are made and what you should look out for when buying and serving such delicacies. And the most interesting thing is that you don't just listen, you can taste and experience what you hear for yourself. 40,- € plus. VAT from 20 persons (smaller groups price on request)

  • Wine & Chocolate

    Let the flavors of chocolates & wines melt on your tongue. Six chocolates & wines will be tasted. Chocolate and wine expert Stephanie Klöckner will guide you through the evening. Afterwards, a chocolate-inspired buffet awaits you.

    Chocolate buffet

    Callebaut white chocolate and potato strudel
    Scampi on apricot chutney and Aztec sauce
    Turkey terrine with pistachios and coffee-balsamic sauce
    Pickled boiled beef with chocolate chips and green pepper
    Leaf salads with Pommery mustard dressing


    From the soup tureen

    Cream of cashew nut soup with "Ek Chuali" doughnuts


    Main courses
    "Mole poblano" chicken in spicy chocolate sauce
    Pork fillet tournedos roasted in cocoa with mushroom and almond confit
    Saté of pangasius from the calamansi scent

    Pink lentils estofado, lavender ratatouille,
    Dirty rice, potato and hazelnut cake,
    Thyme spaetzle


    Dessert buffet
    Chocolate bonbon with poppy seeds and marzipan on a balsamic cloud
    Milk mousse with amarettini and honey-cider sauce
    Dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry ice cream

    € 49,- per person
    from 30 persons (smaller groups on request)

  • Medieval jugglery

    Join us on a journey through time and let us take you back to the Middle Ages. "Jo-the juggler" welcomes you in original costumes and the old language and accompanies you through the medieval evening in the rustic ambience of our Fürstenkeller with hearty food.

    Price from 400,- € plus VAT excl. Food & Drinks

    Click here for the medieval Gaukeley

  • K for skittles for relaxation ...

    Bowl competitively or just for fun - go "all out" after a hard day's work and relax with this popular, sociable sport on one of our 4 bowling alleys.

    The throwing results range from "poodle" to "all nines" and you can put your skills to the test alone or in teams and celebrate your successes at the self-service bar.

    Price: 8,- per lane / hour

Activities in the surrounding area

Employee motivation is a top priority: Team building with sporting activities and communicative team events are particularly suitable as a supporting program for a conference. The activities around Hadamar, Limburg and the Westerwald are also suitable for customer events. The team at Hotel NASSAU-ORANIEN will be happy to put together a supporting program to suit your conference or event.

  • Canoe tours on the Lahn - explore the Lahn by canoe!

    A canoe tour on the Lahn takes you through a charming landscape on one of Germany's most popular rivers for canoeing. The Lahn has a lot to offer for canoe tours: untouched nature, charming, historic towns, gentle rapids and partially hand-operated locks make a canoe tour on the Lahn an experience away from industry, urban centers and street noise.

    We would be happy to organize a canoe tour on the Lahn for you and your group, including transfers, catering and an evening program afterwards.

  • Raft building - creativity and fun

    When building a raft, you take direct and immediate responsibility for the quality of your own product. Just like in real life, the same applies here: If you don't do a clean job, you'll take a bath!

    The planning, construction and implementation phases strengthen communication within the team, while the subsequent race ensures a good mood and crowns the success of the whole group.

  • Orientation hike

    Get out of the conference room, get some fresh air and enjoy nature. But how do you find the most beautiful spots in the area in such a short time? You just have to know where to go.

    Our orientation hike will lead you safely to your destination (after a briefing on map and compass by our guide): nature, beautiful views and lots of fun with the question:

    "Where do we go from here?"

    As so often in life, the same applies here: The journey is the reward.

    The orienteering hike also includes team training elements on request.

  • Archery

    Experience archery in its purest form under professional guidance. Your team can compete individually or in teams. Concentration, ambition and the will to hit the target are required, the ideal complement to goal-oriented meetings.

  • Indoor karting

    Exceptional route length of approx. 1,000 meters. 25 karts on one track at the same time. And hardly any other karting hall in Germany offers you this opportunity.

  • Torchlight hike and hut evening in the Holzbach gorge

    The Holzbach Gorge is one of the oldest nature reserves in the Westerwald and is always worth a visit. The Holzbach stream has given the valley its gorge character. It is relatively easy to walk around them. Even inexperienced hikers can complete the trail in half an hour over bridges and well-maintained paths. Sturdy footwear is highly recommended.

    The Holzbach gorge near Gemünden is one of the most beautiful gorges in the Westerwald. The Holzbach, a tributary of the Elbbach, has broken through the basalt over a length of approx. 1 km and created a wild and romantic valley with steep rock faces and mighty boulders.

    The view offered to hikers here is a rarity. A gorge with wild streams, rare plants and animals and basalt formations reminiscent of gorges and hiking trails in Switzerland.

    • 20-30 minutes bus transfer to the Westerwald
    • Guided torchlight hike through the very scenic Holzbach Gorge
    • followed by an evening in a rustic log cabin with buffet
    • Later return transfer and finish at the hotel bar
  • Covered wagon ride through the Westerwald

    Are you planning a communicative supporting program for your conference or seminar? The covered wagon ride is an ideal opportunity for a relaxed end to a successful seminar day. During the covered wagon ride, you can easily make the transition from the set conference framework to a relaxed get-together with relaxed conversations. The communal meal takes place at a barbecue area near the hotel and immediately puts you in a relaxed vacation mood in the middle of the working week.